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Financial - Mr. Raimundo Prazeres
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Orizon Marítima São Luis
The Orizon ABFN and is a member of ISSA represents in Brazile
Rua do Jornalismo, 13 qd 14 - Cohafuma São Luís, MA | CEP: 65074-725 Telefax - [5598] 3235 6818 (98) 8111 1462
Financeiro - Mr. Raimundo Prazeres
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Rua do Jornalismo, 13 | Qd 14 | Cohafuma | São Luis - Maranhão - Brasil | CEP: 65074-725
The Orizon Maritima São Luis Ltd. began operations in January 2001, as agents of ships and supplier of products for consumption and maintenance of national and foreign vessels calling at ports of São. Luis do Maranhão (Ponta da Madeira / Itaqui / Alumar). It is associated with the ABFN (Brazilian Association of Ship Suppliers and Services) in Brazil and represents the ISSA (International Shipsuppliers & Services Association) based in London. The Orizon Marítima São Luis Ltd. is the Brazilian member of ISSA certificate number 0035/BR .
The Orizon Marítima São Luis Ltd . has a team of highly trained professionals able to meet all levels related to port activity, shipping, logistics, freight forwarding and shipping agency differential. Activities that are part of our scope of services and products: Shipping Agency: preparation of documents by the Brazilian authorities and local entities to all types of vessels, shipping agents and consignees of cargo, crew exchange, customs assistance for the release of spare parts for foreign vessels, customs transit and ship orders. Ship Supplier: supply of dry provisions, fresh (vegetables fruits and vegetables), meat in general (frozen and refrigerated packaged boxes sealed with CIF and seafood). General products for repair and maintenance of vessels, gas, steel plates, galvanized pipes, angles, pads, parts. Maintenance and repair of electric motors and protection. Port Logistics: Maritime Transport (service lines, types of ships used, ocean freight, charter contracts, freight conference), port equipment, cargo, cargo terminals and warehouses general port operations. On the site you will find will information about our services. Feel free to browse through this site. If you have questions about our services, or simply need more information and want to contact us, click on the navigation button "Contact." Thank you for visiting our website and we hope it to be useful.
HISTORY COMPANY SHIPPING, SUPPLY & CARGO FORWARDERS The Orizon Maritma São Luis ltd. has been serving the marine industry since 2001. our reputation was built along this years by providing superior quality and service to our customers. We are a local company, strategically located in São Luis the capital of Maranhão state which covers the ports of Ponta da Madeira, Itaqui and Alumar Terminal . under management of mr. sebastiao silva with experience in this area for over 20 years, graduated in business administration, specialist in foreign trade. We work only with suppliers and sub-contractors who meet our quality standards, creating with them long term relationship that enable the company to fulfill our client’s demands. The Orizon Marítima São Luis Ltd. is proud to keep the necessary business ethics and the higher quality services with bringing even more improvements into technological and business infrastructure continuously, against the increasing competition while providing more quality, better, faster 7 days – 24 hours service policy and reasonable prices with it's diversified infrastructure. ISSA , IMPA and ABFN membership is the guarantee of reliability and excellent quality.
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