Orizon Marítima São Luis
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Rua do Jornalismo, 13 qd 14 - Cohafuma São Luís, MA | CEP: 65074-725 Telefax - [5598] 3235 6818 (98) 8111 1462
CERTICATES SERVICES BUSINESSThe Orizon Maritima São Luis Ltd. began operations in January 2001, as agents of ships and supplier of products for consumption and maintenance of national and foreign vessels calling at ports of São. Luis do Maranhão (Ponta da Madeira / Itaqui / Alumar). It is associated with the ABFN (Brazilian Association of Ship Suppliers and Services) in Brazil and represents the ISSA (International Shipsuppliers & Services Association) based in London. The Orizon Marítima São Luis Ltd. is the Brazilian member of ISSA certificate number 0035/BR .
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