Ship Supplier Supply of dry provisions, fresh (vegetables fruits and vegetables), meat in general (frozen and refrigerated packaged boxes sealed with CIF and seafood). Ship Chandler. Import-export. All sorts of articles and food: frozen and dried. We provide everything requested by the masters, owners or agents. This allows us to find the balance of our high quality combined with reasonable prices. We provide all types of orders, whether large or small.
Operational Logistics It comprises many different activities related to cargo handling; from its origin to the destination, involving the transportation, loading and unloading of vessels, shipping agency and towing, among others. Maritime Transport (service lines, types of ships used, ocean freight, charter contracts, freight conference), port equipment, cargo, cargo terminals and warehouses general port operations.
Full Style Profile The solid growth give us cost effective purchasing ability. the computerized systems and multilingual staff assure prompt delivery of high quality products. Large warehouse inventories, bonded stores and spare parts accessibility assure optimal service at several ports at the coast of brazil. The structure of our company composed of house of 375m2 three vehicles, one motocycle , chamber for frozen and fresh items. due to this resources we’re able to offer the most competitive prices and best quality. We provide marine and offshore supplies, marine equipment, spare parts and services. we supply to ships of every kind and to the offshore industry. We offer wide range of products and services : * Provisions (every culinary preference served) * Deck * engine * Cabin * Safety (including urgent inspection requirements) * Electrical * Medical * Charts & publications * Bond
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Consultancy in customs clearance & cargo fowarder Supporting ship´s owners/managers/operators to forward spare parts with support of our representative in europe We are able to deliver spares from anywhere within maximum 5 days to count from dispatch airport of shipment. full instruction is available on request in order avoid any delay/uphold by customs, specially advising do not send them consodilated avoiding dhl or any other courier service. Crew gang for general service ( protection ) We had delevoped special protection to the vessels loading pigiron in pdm to avoid master/owner´s complain about damage in the front accomodation windows, paint and parts caused by cargo residual falling on deck during loading of this cargo. Our gang consist 0f 14 persons who are able to perform the protection covering starboard/portside hatch covers and all stb deck untill midship by strong plastic and plywood placed on front windows of superstructure including removal of playwood, used plastic to cover the deck lading ashore the plastic, sweep/place the cargo residual in ships side to be disposed by crew during voyage. Along six years continuosly doing this service no delay was caused to commence loading and departure as well no complain has been received by master´s.
General support on ships repair & maintenance. Orizon has a repair department to supervise any ship repairs by finding the appropriate sub-contractors workshop. General repairs, steel and pipe works with certified welders, full machine and electrical services , including motor / generator rewiding , main / aux. engine repairs ( including injectors overhauling ), boiler and coolers retubing, pump and compressor repairs, ultrasonic gauging performed by approved class societies. As you shall aware for any sparepart to repair disembarking from foreing flag vessel, is necessary to apply for a “ temporary admision “ imposed by customs office rules. We can arrange both, clearance and repair by workshops (engine & electrical ) who guarantee work 24hs in order perform the repair avoiding any delay making vessels readiness for departure at any time.
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CONTACTThe Orizon ABFN and is a member of ISSA represents in Brazile
SERVICESThe Orizon Maritima São Luis Ltd. began operations in January 2001, as agents of ships and supplier of products for consumption and maintenance of national and foreign vessels calling at ports of São. Luis do Maranhão (Ponta da Madeira / Itaqui / Alumar). It is associated with the ABFN (Brazilian Association of Ship Suppliers and Services) in Brazil and represents the ISSA (International Shipsuppliers & Services Association) based in London. The Orizon Marítima São Luis Ltd. is the Brazilian member of ISSA certificate number 0035/BR .
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